As teens head out and about on Halloween to have fun with their friends, they, too, need to have some important reminders about keeping themselves (and others) safe.

Drive safe: Remind your teen driver that Halloween is a time when it’s especially important to be vigilant while driving at night. That means absolutely no texting and driving, and make sure they budget extra time to get where they’re going, just in case the hordes of trick-or-treaters cause a traffic jam in the neighborhood.

Avoid the tricks: This one is trickier, because it’s not like your teenager is going to let you know if they’re up to some Halloween mischief — midnight pranks, vandalism or trespassing in a cemetery or abandoned house. Have a talk about the consequences and dangers, and consider a curfew.

Host a gathering: If you don’t want to wonder about them, give your teens and their friends a safe place to socialize and hang out and open your home for a Halloween party. You can go all out with decorations, food and costumes, or it can be something more laid-back, like a backyard bonfire with marshmallows and warm drinks. By the way, if you choose the bonfire, don’t use accelerants like gasoline to get the fire going, and keep the flames a safe distance from your house along with other structures. Always keep a bucket of water or hose at the ready, just in case.

Staying on the safe side can help you make sure everyone enjoys this ghoulish time of year. Happy Halloween!

Something that isn’t scary? Getting a quote from an ERIE Agent (that’s ERIE, not eerie). They’ll make sure you and your family are protected on Halloween and always.